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Suspended License Hearings & Appeals

There are different reasons why you might face a hearing to keep your license from being suspended. Perhaps you are facing a DUI charge or refused a breathalyzer test. Whatever the reason, it is advised that you understand the hearing process and how you can best prepare for it. At The Law Office of Cynthia Christiani, LLC, we advocate at hearings for people that face a license suspension and ensure they are supported throughout the process.

The Hearing Process

A Motor Vehicle Association (MVA) hearing will typically occur before an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ). In some cases, you will need to request the hearing within a specified time frame (could be as little as 10 days) after you are charged to prevent a license suspension. Once the hearing is requested, it will be scheduled, although it could take weeks before the hearing is held. The ALJ will have the opportunity to review all evidence against allowing you to keep your license, such as the officer’s report that arrested and charged you. However, your attorney will also be able to present to the ALJ any arguments for you being able to retain your driver’s license. The hearing will not typically last longer than one hour.

Preparing For The Hearing

Evidence and documentation are key at your MVA hearing. You will need to show the judge why suspending your license will be detrimental to you and those who depend on you. For example, if a suspended license equals being unable to work and support yourself and your family, bring proof of this to the hearing, as it will be a compelling argument. Another example would be if you are in school and must attend in-person classes to graduate. Having a copy of your transcript at your hearing would be very helpful in this situation.


Appealing The Judge’s Decision

Hopefully, the ALJ will find that you are able to retain your driver’s license. However, if they do not, you do have the option to appeal their decision. Generally speaking, you will have 30 days from the date of the decision to appeal to the appropriate authority. A criminal law attorney from The Law Office of Cynthia Christiani, LLC, can file your appeal and handle it from start to finish on your behalf.

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