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Driving Under the Influence (DUI) Laws

Maryland is serious about enforcing its laws against driving under the influence (DUI). If you have been charged with DUI, it is important that you understand what you are facing and present the best defense possible to the charges. At The Law Office of Cynthia Christiani, we provide zealous advocacy for those persons charged with DUI in Maryland. With almost two decades of experience, attorney Cynthia Christiani is the defense attorney you need by your side.

DUI Defined

DUI is a serious offense. Per MD Criminal Law Code §2-501, “ ”under the influence of alcohol per se” means an alcohol concentration at the time of test of 0.08 or more as measured by grams of alcohol per 100 milliliters of blood or grams of alcohol per 210 liters of breath.” This measure is taken by a breathalyzer test.

What Penalties Will I Face For A DUI Conviction?

The penalties you face after arrest will depend on whether this is a first, second, third, or subsequent offense. Penalties also vary depending on the time between convictions and your BAC level. A BAC level over .15% can result in stiffer penalties than a BAC level of .08%-.14%. Whether or not a fatality is involved in an accident you caused will also have an effect on the penalties you face. Penalties can include a combination of jail time, probation, monetary fines, and/or license suspensions or revocations. Refusal to comply with a request for a breathalyzer test can also lead to penalties , a one year required participation in the Ignition Interlock Program, and revocation of your license.

MD Criminal Code §21-902 also spells out that for a first offense, you are subject to imprisonment not exceeding 1 year or a fine not exceeding $1,000 or both. For a second offense, you are subject to imprisonment not exceeding 2 years or a fine not exceeding $2,000 or both.

Because of all the variables involved in determining your penalty, it is best to speak with an experienced DUI attorney who can explain the process to you and advocate for you.

In addition to the criminal penalties involved, there are also important potential consequences with your license and privilege to drive in Maryland as a result of being charged with DUI.  If you are charged with a DUI, your license will be confiscated, and you will be given a 45-day temporary license.  On day 46, your license is suspended unless you voluntarily participate in the Ignition Interlock Program or request a hearing from the Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA).   An experienced criminal defense attorney can help you mitigate the effects to your driver’s license as well as helping you face these charges in court.

Speak With An Experienced DUI Lawyer From The Law Office of Cynthia Christiani

If you are facing DUI charges, you need to speak with counsel as soon as possible so they will have adequate time to prepare a solid defense. We review your case at The  Law Office of Cynthia Christiani, LLC, and craft a personalized defense that best supports your position. Contact our firm to learn more about our inclusive services and how we can help you.